The God Squad: Whether we are born again or go to God forever after death is one of the great mysteries

By Rabbi Marc Gellman, Tribune Content Agency on

I asked my team of dear readers to opine on the question of reincarnation. Do you believe that we are born again, or is it once and done?

From B I received this pious and tender missive,

Hello Rabbi Gellman,

What do I think? Nobody knows for sure what occurs after death. Although many people preach about it, they don't really know. It's a matter of belief and we can believe anything we want to believe. All we can do is live a good life according to whatever faith we decide to believe in. We do know that there is something, an energy, a life force that animates us for a while, which we usually call the soul. Since we don't know exactly what happens to this soul, we should give ourselves the best chance to make it a good outcome. Thanks for asking. Your column is great.

From Dr. B I have for you a rather spooky but totally sincere affirmation of past lives,

Dear Rabbi,


No coincidences. I have just had a book just published entitled, “Three Men Six Lives.”

It tells true stories, including my past life experience portrayed by three characters I created, one of which is me and a surgeon as I am today. To make a long story short, it's our consciousness which recycles and affects us and our lives. Like the 5-year-old who plays a violin or my becoming a surgeon to heal with a knife and not kill with a sword as in my past life.

I woke up to this when a friend asked me; why are you living this life? When she heard how busy I was, I went into a trance due to her words and saw the truth about my past life and the fact that I did not have faith in my Lord on earth or true Lord and thus did many destructive things.

(Note from MG)


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