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The four kinds of prayers we say to God

By Rabbi Marc Gellman, Tribune Content Agency on

By saying we are sorry to God we get ready to say we are sorry to the person we hurt. When we pray an Oops Prayer to God we are asking God to forgive us and this makes it easier for us to ask the people we have hurt to forgive us.

So remember that the only cure for messing up is Oops!



Wow! Prayers are prayers in which you tell God that something in the world is really awesome.

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Wow! Prayers come from the times when you see or hear or taste or smell or touch or learn or feel something so wonderful or big or beautiful or amazing that you just have to say, "Wow!" People used to use the word "awe" or "awesome" but Wow! means the same as awesome to me.

Many Wow! Prayers come from seeing something in nature. Rainbows and beautiful sunsets, tall mountains and deep valleys, clear water and big waves, roaring rivers and crashing waterfalls, loud thunder and crackling lightning, tall trees and colorful leaves, herds of animals and flocks of birds, colorful fish and scary sharks, crazy looking insects and spooky bats -- seeing all these things in nature make us say Wow! Nature is just full of wow stuff. Mostly the wow in nature comes from the beauty in nature. Things in the world are so beautiful it is just awesome. Sometimes the wow in nature comes from how big it is and how small we are. Nature is full of wow.

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