Is it so wrong to want to get out on the golf course and enjoy fresh air and exercise?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Q: The lockdown from COVID-19 has increased cabin fever like I’ve never seen. Is it so wrong to want to get out on the golf course and enjoy fresh air and exercise? My kids say I’m obsessed, but I believe there is value in wholesome activity. — G.O.

A: Obsessions can bring harm to relationships. But golf can be a useful game. When the value of what may be considered a leisurely activity is explained, often it can relieve the anxiety it may create in others. The Apostle Paul wrote about physical exercise and competition of his time.

The game of golf reveals character. If a person is a good sport, or hotheaded, or dishonest, it will show up on the golf course. The environment of God’s landscape brings a certain serenity. A golf course is an island of peace in a world often full of confusion and turmoil. It’s a good escape valve for inner hostility that builds up in all of us. It affords an opportunity for fellowship, challenge, and exercise.

Golf techniques can be applied to life. “Keeping your head down,” speaks of humility. The one who looks up eagerly and proudly is bound to be embarrassed. Life is like that, too.

“Keeping your eye on the ball,” denotes resolution and concentration. Many people have forgotten the real purpose of life. We have many things to live with, but many of us have forgotten what we are living for. We have to keep our eyes on Christ if we’re going to meet the overwhelming challenges of our times.


“Following through” is a lesson in persistence. These principles can be applied in other areas of life and can serve us well. Let’s always use our time to bring glory to Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with multiple ways to enjoy what He has created for our enjoyment.


(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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