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Does God need me?

By Billy Graham, Tribune Content Agency on

Q: I'll be released from prison in a few months, and I'm really scared. I don't have the strength to stay on the straight and narrow, and I know I'll just end up back in prison (although I don't want to). I guess I need God, but I doubt if God needs me. No one else does. -- Z.H.

A: The most important truth I can ever tell you -- and the most important truth you can ever know -- is that God loves you, and He wants to come into your life and help you. God's promise is for you: "I have loved you with an everlasting love" (Jeremiah 31:3).

How do I know this is true? The reason is because God has already demonstrated His love for us by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die for us. He was without sin -- but God appointed Him to become the final and complete sacrifice for our sins. On the cross all our sins were placed on Him, and He took upon Himself the judgment and Hell that you and I deserve. And God proved this, by raising Him from the dead.

Would Christ have died for you if you were worthless? Would Jesus have gone to the cross if He didn't love you? No, of course not. He loves you, and He wants to forgive you for all your sins -- no matter what you've done. More than that, He wants to come into your life and give you the strength to live as you should.

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By a simple step of faith, invite Christ to come into your life today. Then ask Him to lead you to a church where you can grow strong in your faith, and can meet people who will encourage you and help you live for Christ.


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