Meditation 11/21 - 11/27: His great goodness Zech 9:14-17 CEV


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How great is his goodness!

Like a cloud, the LORD God
will appear over his people,
and his arrows will flash
like lightning.
God will sound his trumpet
and attack in a whirlwind
from the south.

The LORD All-Powerful
will protect his people,
and they will trample down
the sharpshooters
and their slingshots.
They will drink and get rowdy;
they will be as full as a bowl
at the time of sacrifice.

The LORD God will save them
on that day,
because they are his people,
and they will shine on his land
like jewels in a crown.


How lovely they will be.
Young people will grow there
like grain in a field
or grapes in a vineyard.

Zechariah 9:14-17 CEV


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