Meditation 10/17-10/23: The Coming of Zion's King - Zech 9:9-12 CEV


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The LORD Tells about the Coming King

Everyone in Jerusalem,
celebrate and shout!
Your king has won a victory,
and he is coming to you.
He is humble
and rides on a donkey;
he comes on the colt
of a donkey.

I, the LORD, will take away
war chariots and horses
from Israel and Jerusalem.
Bows that were made for battle
will be broken.
I will bring peace to nations,
and your king will rule
from sea to sea.
His kingdom will reach
from the Euphrates River
across the earth.

When I made a sacred agreement
with you, my people,
we sealed it with blood.
Now some of you are captives
in waterless pits,
but I will come to your rescue
and offer you hope.


Return to your fortress,
because today I will reward you
with twice what you had.

Zechariah 9:9-12 CEV




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