Positive Aging: The Big Move - Part 2

Marilyn Murray Willison on

--Can your other family members, like your siblings, help out financially so the economic burden on you doesn't become onerous?

--Consider the idea of combining your and your parents' assets so that a bigger, better home can be purchased for everyone involved to share.

--If you are providing in-home care, explore your state's Cash & Counseling program to see if it would apply to your situation.

--Adult children who take in an older adult are essentially teaching their own children valuable lessons about commitment, love, responsibility and sacrifice.

--Can your older family member adhere to the rules of your own family, and vice versa?

--Address issues including the impact of alcohol usage, dietary habits, much-loved pets, noise levels and smoking.


--Establish the parameters -- and solutions -- that surround the individual's logistical needs (appointments, bill paying, transportation, etc.).

Don't forget the importance of each member of your household having a healthy social network. A number of studies have shown that both isolation and loneliness are toxic, whatever your age.

--Don't forget to take good care of yourself. Chronic stress and exhaustion can lead to "caregiver syndrome," which happens when you shortchange your own body, mind or spirit while constantly caring for others.


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