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Yogi Berra Was Right

Cheryl Lavin on

It's not over till it's over. It's not over after 40 years of an abusive marriage. It's not over after five years of being divorced. It's not over after unsuccessful dating.

Nancy had been unhappily married for a very long time, over 40 years. Her husband had been abusive, and she finally got the strength to leave him.

She was alone for five years after that, until her daughter persuaded her to try internet dating. She did, and one profile caught her eye.

"He liked to do many of the same things that I liked to do."

They took things slowly. They corresponded for almost a month before they decided to finally meet. Most couples meeting for the first time usually pick a coffee shop in the afternoon if they want to keep the date casual. If they're more willing to take more of a risk, they might select a restaurant for dinner.

If they're being creative, one of them might suggest something related to an interest they both have -- an art gallery, for instance, or a sporting event, a museum.


Steve went a different way.

"I will never forget that first date. We went to a park where we could walk and talk. Before I knew it, he had me swinging and going down the slide. I felt like a little girl again."

That wasn't the end of the date. "We drove out and watched the sunset. I'd never realized how beautiful a sunset could be."

For their second date, Steve arranged something equally unusual -- a camping trip.


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