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Why Men Should Do Their Own Laundry

Cheryl Lavin on

For most of her 23-year marriage, Carrie supported the family while Matt "chased his dreams" and "ran around like a 15-year-old."

As he got older, he became distant and started criticizing everything she did and how she looked. He would call her names.

"He once said I was the fattest mom on the block. I figured he was going through a midlife crisis. I thought I would let him figure it out."

And then, one Saturday morning, she was doing the laundry and found a Ferris wheel ticket in the pocket of Matt's pants. It said the holder could view his picture online.

She followed the instructions and saw a picture of Matt with his arm around a woman.

"I went into shock. Then I woke him up. At first, he said they were handing out the tickets at the concert he was at."

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When she told him about the photo, he changed his story. He claimed they were part of a group and the others didn't want their pictures taken.

Carrie didn't believe him. She started looking for evidence of infidelity. She found an empty shoe box and receipts for a shirt and flowers.

"He had no money for groceries or to help with the kids, but he could buy new clothes and flowers and go to a carnival."

Carrie confronted Matt. "After much discussion, we decided to separate. But he claimed he wanted to work things out."


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