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Take This Man and Shove Him

Dear Cheryl: I've been in a relationship with a gentleman that I have loved for over 10 years. At the beginning of our friendship, he lived with a woman. He claimed it was just for convenience. He had a job, but the lady paid the bills and provided his alcohol, so he could lie around drunk. He didn't know how to manage his bills or pay the ...Read more

This Was Almost a Dance to the Death

Many men think they've met, dated, even married the Psycho Bitch from Hell. Justin really has.

He met Nicole through friends who thought they'd be a good match. He was 30 at the time. She was 25. He was a lawyer. She was a dancer. He'd never been married. She was divorced.

He was instantly smitten. "She was tall, with a dancer's posture, ...Read more

How Miserable Do You Have to Be Before It's OK to Leave?

We recently heard from Lost. He and his wife married because she was pregnant. It's now 14 years and two daughters later, and he's miserable.

Three years ago, he had an affair with Sandy, who was also married. When his wife found out, he ended the affair, telling Sandy he couldn't leave because of his daughters.

"Now," he says, "I'm so ...Read more

A Major Communication Failure

It seems the very least you owe your spouse before you ask for a divorce is the reason you want it.

Charlie and Nancy have been divorced for six years, and he still doesn't know why she wanted out.

"I thought we were happily married. We had a beautiful house in the suburbs, nice cars, two beautiful children. I worked two jobs, and she was a ...Read more

When Everything Is Nothing

Dear Cheryl: When we met, I was a little girl, 13 turning 14, and he was 16 and on his way to the Marines. I truly loved him. He was my everything. We had two kids and were living together after I was put out by my mother because she said she'd rather die than have a bunch of babies in her house.

There was nothing to do but "put a ring on it....Read more

Take This Ring and Shove It: Part 2

If the marriage goes south, you can always burn your wedding pictures. But what do you do with your rings? Throw them? Sell them? Give them away?

JACK: I asked my buddy's wife, who worked in a jewelry store, to help me pick out an engagement ring. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend of three years. The ring was simple yet elegant, I thought, ...Read more

It's Good to Be Friends With the Boss!

Cathy had a feeling her husband Jack was having an affair with his boss, June. But each time she asked, he denied it. June was "just a friend."

"When you spend all your time with someone and have no time for your family, something's going on."

It was the night of their son's 20th birthday. Cathy was driving home from work. She was going to ...Read more

Think Long and Hard Before Divorcing

Dear Cheryl: My wife and I have been married for 14 years. She was pregnant, and I did what I believed was the right thing by marrying her. I don't think I ever loved her the way she hoped.

Three years ago, I had an affair with Sandy that got really serious. There were hundreds of text messages, and we met every day.

She was married. She and...Read more


The marriage is over. The divorce is final. There's still one little thing to take care of: the wedding ring.

DIANA: After a long and difficult marriage to a very controlling man ended, my friend wondered what to do with her wedding rings. Her newfound freedom had not come easy, and she wanted a way to celebrate everyday not being under his ...Read more

This Army Wife Discharges Herself

Meredith knew her marriage to Jason wasn't working as soon as they got home from their honeymoon and he dropped her at home and went to a Super Bowl party. He always chose the Army over her and their family. And then there was the time he made her drive across the country with four children under 7, two dogs and a cat. But she didn't leave him...Read more

Gratitude Gone Awry

Meredith says she was raised to thank people for the gifts they gave her, and to be appreciative of the money they spent on her. And that was her undoing.

When she was 25, she met Jason, who was a soldier. She'd always wanted to be a military wife like her mother, and Jason, "ambitious and focused," fit the bill. She married him after a 90-...Read more

They Were on a Break

Sarah and Mark were engaged when she was "a very young 19."

"I truly loved him, but few months prior to wedding, I got cold feet. I just thought I was too young. There was no one else involved."

They were living together at the time, and Sarah went home and told Mark she couldn't marry him.

"Instead of postponing the event, I moved out. Why...Read more

Old Story With a New Twist

You've heard it a million times. A couple gets married. She's slim and lovely. Over the years, she gains weight. The husband cheats.

Not this time.

When Brad and Melanie got married, Melanie was "a beautiful, slender woman who took pride in her appearance."

But as the years went on, she became "sloppy and obese." Brad remained "fit" and ...Read more

What's the Definition of 'Love of my Life'?

Dear Cheryl: In January, my wife bought a new iPhone. We downloaded an app that locates the phone if it gets lost. At the same time, she switched her workout location and began working out every night after work and on the weekends.

One night, she mentioned that she might have a meeting after her gym class. I was home with the kids cooking ...Read more

Take This Ring and Shove It!

If the marriage doesn't work out, does that mean a perfectly good ring has to wind up in the Chicago River? Sometimes yes.

ELIZABETH: I didn't even wait till the divorce was final. I left my lawyer's office and was walking to the train station, crossing the bridge over the Chicago River. When I was in his office, I was angry. I looked at the ...Read more

Houdini Meets Peter Pan Meets the Leopard Who Never Changes His Spots Meets the Bad Penny Who Keeps Turning Up: Part II

Catherine reconnected with Nicky, her old high school boyfriend whose role models appear to be Houdini and Peter Pan. He said he'd call, but he didn't. Then at a barbecue, he stayed by her side all night.

After the barbecue, Catherine didn't hear from Nicky for several weeks. She sent him a message through Facebook, and he responded.

"We spent...Read more

Houdini Meets Peter Pan Meets the Leopard Who Never Changes His Spots Meets the Bad Penny Who Keeps Turning up

Back in the day, Catherine had an on-again/off-again relationship with Nicky, a guy she had a huge crush on.

She says: "We would go out a couple of times, then he would turn his attention to someone else, leaving me devastated. This lasted for the last two years of high school. I went to my senior prom with another guy from our group and he ...Read more

When the Worst Thing That Happened Becomes the Best

Chrissy discovered her husband Jackson was cheating the old fashioned way-through Facebook. She happened to be on his page and it was all there.

When she confronted him, he told her the affair meant nothing. "It was just a fling, just sex."

"There were no warning signs," says Chrissy. "Believe me, if I'd thought there was a problem, I would'...Read more

Does Anyone Really Know Anyone?

Talk about surprises.

Halfway through their 28th year of marriage, Kevin's wife, Lisa, announced she was gay.

He says he was totally surprised. "She never had any gay friends," he says. "Although, now that I look back, I guess there were signs. She'd always told me that when she was a little girl, she liked playing with toy guns and was more...Read more

The One Who Got Away, and Got Away

Amanda had what she likes to call a "starter marriage." When that concluded 28 years ago, she took stock of herself and her life.

"I decided that if I didn't like myself, how could anyone like me?" She embarked on a journey of self-discovery and threw herself into her career.

"I had a great time being single. My career had me traveling ...Read more


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