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Tales From The Front: Looking for Trouble

Dear Cheryl: After 38 years, I reconnected with some former high school classmates, including Sheila, who didn't pay attention to me during grammar and high school. But in college, she kept calling me to go out. I ignored her. Now, after all these years, it suddenly hits me how much I love her. I'm married and so is she. I don't want to ruin my ...Read more

Tales From The Front: Did the Ugly Duckling Become a Swan, or Did He Just Think She Did?

You know the way mothers and fathers say they love all their children equally? They don't. They have a favorite. Well, I freely admit that Mickey in today's column is one of my all-time favorite writers.

Mickey: I love my girlfriend. I mean truly and deeply love her. Not only can I not imagine my life without her but I can barely remember what ...Read more

Tales From the Front: There's More Here Than Meets the Eye

Dear Cheryl: My wife and I have been married for 13 years. Our biggest problem is the way she handles our finances. She's very kind-hearted and would help family members in need and not tell me. Don't get me wrong; I've helped family members also, but never to the point where it interfered with my own family's well-being.

My wife, on the other ...Read more

Tales From the Front: Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep, but Ugly Goes to the Bone

We all know you can't judge a book by its cover, but we still do it anyway. We look for something intriguing to catch our eye -- a bright color, a flashy design. We know it has nothing to do with the quality of the book, but we can't help ourselves.

How about when it comes to people? We know character is far more important than looks when it ...Read more

Too Good to Be True: Too Good to Be True

Hannah says she always knew she'd write to me someday. "I always thought I'd be writing to you about my love and my relationship with my husband, but he ruined my life. Let me start at the beginning."

Hannah says when she first saw Jackson across a crowded bar during a dart league, he was someone she "wanted/needed to meet. He was bright, ...Read more

Tales From the Front: This ATM Is Outta Cash

We recently heard from Charlotte, who was living with her twice-divorced boyfriend. He was 51; she was 44. He told her his first wife cheated and he and his second wife "grew apart." They have sex about once a week.

Five months ago, he started spending a lot of time online. She was suspicious and checked his browsing history. He'd been looking ...Read more

Tales From The Front: Is There Such a Thing as a Little (Off) White Lie?

If you put your best picture ever on your online profile, is that lying?

If you don't mention an arrest for public nudity under "What Makes Me Special," is that lying?

If you list "blue" under "eye color" when it's actually your contacts that are blue, is that lying?

How about if you neglect to mention that you're in a wheelchair? Is that ...Read more

Tales From the Front: Does the Cook County Hospital Cafeteria Have a Liquor License?

Most first dates involve eating or drinking. And the man usually picks the spot. It tells a lot about him. Does he choose someplace very hip or someplace out of the way?

Chelsea's date chose someplace out of the way -- way, way out of the way.

CHELSEA: We met online. He told me he knew a fantastic place to have lunch and wanted to keep it a ...Read more

Tales From the Front: Taking Yes for an Answer

We recently heard from "Skeptical," who wondered if he had reason to suspect his wife was cheating or if he was just being paranoid.

His evidence included numerous calls to an old boyfriend, whom she claimed she wasn't in contact with, hundreds of texts to a different man and a "platonic" date with a third man that lasted till 3 a.m.

Other red...Read more


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