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Tales From the Front: Home Alone With Baby

Dear Cheryl: I've been with Jeb for more than 10 years. We've been married for six years and have a 1-year-old daughter. We have a fairly good marriage, except for one major problem: his need to go to a bar with his friends. On weeknights, he'll leave at 8 p.m. and be home by 1 a.m. On the weekends, he'll be home around 3 a.m. I've asked him to ...Read more

Tales From the Front: Sometimes in Vino, There's Just Vino

Dear Cheryl: I'm a 66-year-old Italian male who's in excellent shape and health. I work out religiously five days a week, ride my bike ride to the lake in the summer, lift weights, etc. I have strong shoulders, firm arms, most of my hair and teeth, and good skin. I'm considered attractive. I shower twice a day, use lotions and dress well. I like...Read more

Tales From the Front: She Saved Herself and Hopes Others Will, Too

Samantha married Chris when she was 16. Her parents did nothing to stop her.

"They never seemed to care what I did. I only lived 10 minutes from them, but my mother stopped by only once over three years -- and that was to borrow money."

It's no wonder that when Samantha left Chris after physical abuse, which included having cigarettes put out ...Read more

Tales from the Front: What happens when parents don't care

Today's column is a prequel.

Remember Samantha, who started dating Chris when she was 15 and he was 19? He was trouble from the start. He drank and had anger issues and mood swings. But he told her he loved her, and to her, that made it all right. When she turned 16, he got an apartment and moved her out of her parents' home.

"When my father ...Read more

How to Wash, Burn, Cut and Pumpkin Someone out of Your Life

In "South Pacific," Nellie Forbush says she's "gonna wash that man right outta (her) hair." Shampoo is one way to get rid of the thought of someone. So are scissors, fires and pumpkin stickers.

YASMINE: My ex-husband destroyed our wedding album when he left. He took all the photos of his family and individual pictures of himself. If I was in ...Read more

Do-it-Yourselfer Running out of Energy

You know how some women love a project? A closet to do over, a friend to make over, a bathroom to remodel. Well, Olivia was one of those nonstop do-it-yourselfers. But it her case, the project wasn't a room or a house. It was men.

"I have straightened up, molded, educated, reformed, enlightened and motivated my last nine serious boyfriends," ...Read more

Are Trust and Respect Possible After a Divorce? Are They Even Desirable?

Dear Cheryl: It's been a month since my divorce, a divorce caused by my ex-husband's cheating.

I barely talk to him, which is generally good. When we do talk, it's usually about our daughter. But we have said many nasty things to each other in the past. He started all of this to get under my skin. He keeps telling me how happy he is with his ...Read more

He Only Had Eyes for Her

We've all heard the old saying, "Love comes along when you least expect it." I've probably written dozens of columns on the subject since "Tales From the Front" began 34 years ago. (That's not a typo -- "Tales From the Front" has been around since 1985!) But every time it happens, it's a little miracle.

Joe is 69. He says his dating was "...Read more

The Marriage Is Over, but the Scars Are Forever

Samantha met Chris one February evening at an arcade. She was 15; he was 19.

"He complimented me and basically charmed my pants off."

After several meetings and a few weeks of phone calls, he told her he loved her and was going to marry her.

Chris showed every sign of being trouble. He was always drinking and would get angry if he didn't ...Read more

And Then She Smiled ...

Have you ever been on a date that seemed to be going so well until ...

ANDY: I met her in a bar, which happened to be very dark. She was blond with a smokin' body. We talked for a few minutes and then she and her girlfriends had to leave. Before she left, I got her number.

The following weekend, we went out to dinner at a restaurant that was...Read more

A Happy Ending After a Bad Beginning and a Worse Middle

Matt's drinking and jealousy began while he and Tracee were dating and escalated after they were married. He accused her of flirting with everyone from his nephew to their pastor. He tried to isolate her from her friends and family.

Three years into their marriage, she got pregnant. "I gave birth to our son three months early because of the ...Read more

What Happens When You Don't Listen to Your Mother

Tracee was 22 when she met Matt. Her best friend was dating his friend, so they saw each other at parties. "We danced all the time, but I always declined his invitations to date because I was living with someone. I was attracted to him, but I thought he was a bit too old for me. He was 35."

Still, a few years later, they started to date and ...Read more


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