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It's Time to Forgive

Dear Cheryl: In my freshman year of college, my roommate and I started discussing sex, etc. We both liked to party, and we bet on who could get the most guys in a year. I know, very immature, but we were young. To make a long story short, I won the contest. By junior year, I had slept with over 300 guys.

I now have HIV and herpes. On top of ...Read more

Do You Really Need to Say, 'Will You Marry Me?'

I'm sorry. Am I missing something?

I always thought a proposal is really just a pro forma question. At a certain point in a relationship, both parties know they are going to get married. There are details to work out -- where, when, how -- but the actual fact is not in dispute. It's nice when there's a formal "Will you marry me?" on bended ...Read more

And I Am Outta Here!

Have you ever been on a first date when it hits you: I could be home, wearing sweats, eating Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey out of the container and watching Netflix? Marnie and Ellie know that feeling.

Marnie met Jack at a Parents Without Partners dance that she'd been pressured into attending. The reason she had to be pressured was because she...Read more

That Unmagic Moment

There's sometimes a moment during a first date. It may be at the front door when you see who you're going to be spending the next few hours with; it might be as the waiter is taking your order; it might be in the car on the way home. Whenever it is, it's that moment when you know: There's not going to be a second date.

Here's when they knew: ...Read more

The Sins of the Parents Haunt the Children

The patterns of abuse and abandonment that have been a part of Joel's life since his birth continued in his third marriage to Angela.

As Joel got to know her, he realized she had no friends and trusted no one but him. He says: "She trusted me, I assume, because I had been her mortgage loan officer.

"I watched her emotional stress tear her ...Read more

Generations of Abuse

Are the sins of the fathers (and mothers) visited on the sons (and daughters)? In the case of Joel and his wives, it appears so.

Joel says he never knew his father. "I'm sure my mother married him to get away from home," he says. "She was the oldest of eight kids and ended up with major responsibility for raising her siblings. Her father ...Read more

Who's a Slut?

Since "slut shaming" has been deemed politically incorrect, you don't hear as many people characterizing women with that awful word. Here are your thoughts:

JOHN: Sluts? Is this the 21st or the 12th century?

JOE: Statistics show that women between the ages of 25 and 44 have had an average of four sexual partners, and 10 percent of women say ...Read more

The Regretful Virgin

Baron wrote in recently complaining because he was a virgin when he got married and his wife, Lucy, wasn't.

He says he seldom thought about this for most of their year marriage. "It wasn't until I got into my fifties that I began to think about her sexual history and my lack of one. The idea that I've only had sex with one person in my life ...Read more

Confessions of a Male Slut

Today's column dares to ask: Can a man be a slut?

Jake dares to answer.

"Yes," he says. "I was."

Jake is now in his 40s and in a "fantastic relationship with a great woman." He says, "I told her she wouldn't have liked me when I was younger. I don't like the younger me. I was a male slut."

Jake went away to college determined to be ...Read more

Kelly Backlash

Kelly is the woman who thought the best guys would never marry the "skanky" girls they were dating in high school.

"Boy was I wrong!" she says. "I still shake my head when I run into one of the skanks and she's living this wonderful fairy tale life because she found a rich guy who only cares about how good she is in bed, not what kind of ...Read more

Are the Slutty Girls Getting All the Good Guys?

Today, Kelly asks some interesting questions. Is virtue always rewarded? Is vice always punished? Or to put it more bluntly, do the good girls get the best guys? Or are the not-so-good girls walking away with them?

Kelly says she can remember from high school how shocked she was at the sexual promiscuity of some of the girls.

"My parents ...Read more

She Said She Never Wanted to Marry

Charlie says when he was in his early 20s, he had a different view of dating than most of his peers. "I never got into dating a number of women all at once or just dating casually," he says. "I dated with the idea of eventually establishing a permanent relationship. So when I met the girl of my dreams, I couldn't believe it."

He says when he ...Read more

And Now the Men Weigh In

We recently heard from Tyrannosaurus Beth, who felt she was the last woman who had any morals. Today we hear from men who wish there were more of her.

PAUL: I'm a white middle-aged heterosexual male who's had only one relationship in his whole life, with the girl next door whom I had the good fortune to marry 36 years ago. So I guess my ...Read more

She Exchanged One Hell for Another

How do you have a happy marriage if you've never seen one? If all you've known is abuse, unhappiness and violence, how do you find peace?

Naomi's parents were born in the same small town in Europe. In fact, they were related. Her father was her mother's uncle. He went to school. "She was a girl, so she wasn't allowed any schooling except for ...Read more


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