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From Russia, but No Love

Six years ago, Andy met Bethany, the woman he calls his "soul mate." They moved in together.

"She was the woman whom I fully intended to grow old with. I loved her more than life itself. She was my world."

Unfortunately, Bethany died in April in a car accident. "I was devastated. I'm still in shock today, five months later. After her funeral...Read more

'For Better or Worse' ... Really?

Today's column addresses some very difficult issues: namely, what does "for better or worse" really mean and can a person really deny their sexuality?

These issues were brought up by Jessie, who wanted to stay married to Chris even after he acknowledged he was gay and had had an affair with a man.

KAREN: I'm amazed at Jessie's naivete. Did ...Read more

Some Vows Need to Be Broken

Despite knowing he was gay and had already had an affair with a man, Jessie was determined to honor her wedding vows.

"I think we both wanted to stay married. I wanted him to stop cheating on me and breaking our vows. It didn't matter with whom he was cheating, man or woman."

Jessie says she believes that "people can choose to be faithful. ...Read more

If It Tells You It's a Duck, It's a Duck

Jessie says her husband Chris "alluded" to being gay at different times during their 21-year marriage. She never took him seriously, although she did become suspicious a few years before he came out to her.

"I'd lost a lot of weight, and I had total strangers checking me out, but I didn't see that same interest in my own husband's eyes. Even ...Read more

The Flotsam and Jetsam of a Relationship Gone Bad

In the immortal words of Neil Sedaka, "Breaking up is hard to do." There's the emotional pain to deal with, of course, that constant throbbing pain in the heart. But there are physical reminders, too. The dirty sock under the bed. The toothbrush in the medicine chest. A nightgown stuffed in a drawer. A jar of anchovies you never would've bought....Read more

Today's Column Brought to You by the Letter P

Pears and pregnancy tests -- you wouldn't think they had much in common, other than the letter P. But in today's column, they both mean "See ya, bye!"

GREG: I knew it was over when we exchanged Christmas gifts. We'd only been dating for less than two months. She was a doctor, and I was a teacher.

We both loved Music of the Baroque, and I'd ...Read more

Greetings From the South of France

Dear Readers: By the time you read this, I'll be at my villa in Provence overlooking my vineyard.

The most amazing thing happened! Actually, it was two amazing things (three if you count the Nigerian Prince, but I prefer not to). First, I won the lottery! I know! What are the chances? I never even play! Second, there are thousands of pounds ...Read more

Are Trust and Respect Possible After a Divorce? Are They Even Desirable?

Dear Cheryl: It's been a month since my divorce, a divorce caused by my ex-husband's cheating.

I barely talk to him, which is generally good. When we do talk, it's usually about our daughter. But we have said many nasty things to each other in the past. He started all of this to get under my skin. He keeps telling me how happy he is with his ...Read more

What Guys Will Put Up With for Great Sex

Six months after Tommy met Lexie, she talked him into letting her move in with him. After an additional six months, she talked him into marrying her. "There were no red flags other than her eagerness to move the relationship along with the threat of her ending it if I were to stall. So I let it happen because I was otherwise enjoying her ...Read more

The Divorce Was Just the Beginning

Nicole had been married for 20 years and had three teenagers when her husband Liam suddenly filed for divorce. Four years after their divorce, he came out to their children but made them promise not to tell her. Two years later, he finally told her.

"I had no idea he was gay. We married when we were both young, just 24, and I was a bit naive....Read more


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