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Today's Column Brought to You by the Letter P

Pears and pregnancy tests -- you wouldn't think they had much in common, other than the letter P. But in today's column, they both mean "See ya, bye!"

GREG: I knew it was over when we exchanged Christmas gifts. We'd only been dating for less than two months. She was a doctor, and I was a teacher.

We both loved Music of the Baroque, and I'd ...Read more

Greetings From the South of France

Dear Readers: By the time you read this, I'll be at my villa in Provence overlooking my vineyard.

The most amazing thing happened! Actually, it was two amazing things (three if you count the Nigerian Prince, but I prefer not to). First, I won the lottery! I know! What are the chances? I never even play! Second, there are thousands of pounds ...Read more

Are Trust and Respect Possible After a Divorce? Are They Even Desirable?

Dear Cheryl: It's been a month since my divorce, a divorce caused by my ex-husband's cheating.

I barely talk to him, which is generally good. When we do talk, it's usually about our daughter. But we have said many nasty things to each other in the past. He started all of this to get under my skin. He keeps telling me how happy he is with his ...Read more

What Guys Will Put Up With for Great Sex

Six months after Tommy met Lexie, she talked him into letting her move in with him. After an additional six months, she talked him into marrying her. "There were no red flags other than her eagerness to move the relationship along with the threat of her ending it if I were to stall. So I let it happen because I was otherwise enjoying her ...Read more

The Divorce Was Just the Beginning

Nicole had been married for 20 years and had three teenagers when her husband Liam suddenly filed for divorce. Four years after their divorce, he came out to their children but made them promise not to tell her. Two years later, he finally told her.

"I had no idea he was gay. We married when we were both young, just 24, and I was a bit naive....Read more

First the Cheating, Then the Crazy

I've done a few columns lately about wives gone wild. Today, we have a husband run rowdy.

Emma says that every time she and her husband Barney had an argument, he would punish her by going to a singles event, meeting some woman and stringing her along.

"The first time I caught him was after I had a funny premonition that something was wrong....Read more

A Step-Rose by Any Other Name Is Still A Step-Rose

Have you ever had to make a family tree? If you have, be glad you're not part of Judy's family, with all her relatives, half-relatives, ex-relatives and step-relatives. It may not be something Ozzie and Harriet can relate to, but for many of us, it's Main Street, America, circa 2019.

And with all those relatives floating around, the question ...Read more

I Knew It Was Love When ... I Knew It Was Over When ...

Love isn't always accompanied by roses and rainbows. And breakups don't always have to be dramatic, door-slamming events. Sometimes a quiet "Let's never see each other again" is just as effective.

JASON: Many years ago, my girlfriend and I were the perfect couple. We were cast from the same mold. We never seemed to disagree. It was ...Read more

Yogi Berra Was Right

It's not over till it's over. It's not over after 40 years of an abusive marriage. It's not over after five years of being divorced. It's not over after unsuccessful dating.

Nancy had been unhappily married for a very long time, over 40 years. Her husband had been abusive, and she finally got the strength to leave him.

She was alone for five...Read more

When Wacky Turned Dangerous

We return today to the tale of Matt and his psycho wife, Amanda.

In the two years they lived in their house, Matt estimates the locks were changed approximately 15 to 20 times. "I had to break in several times because she changed them and didn't tell me. She told me I didn't need a key and that there are lots of husbands who don't have them. ...Read more

He Had an Out and Didn't Take It

We recently had a tale of a psycho bitch that I thought was pretty darn scary. But Matt says his "saga" makes that one seem like "a fairy tale out of a Disney pop-up book."

Matt says his attraction to Amanda was simple. "She was blonde." He was 36 when they met, and she was 37. After dating just a few months, Amanda got pregnant and Matt "...Read more

She Wanted to Spice Up Her Marriage and Wound Up Needing Pepper Spray

After 25 years, a marriage can go stale. That was the state of Andie's marriage when she met Brian. He was a photographer with a distinguished resume, and she decided to have him take some "glam" photos. What she got instead was her life turned upside-down.

"I wanted something a little ''blue' to spice up my marriage. He sent me some of the ...Read more

The One Subject You Can't Compromise On

It wasn't as if Lizzie and Ryan didn't really know each other that well. They had dated for eight years before they married. And Lizzie says they discussed the issue of having children "quite often" early in their relationship and then again shortly before they married. They both wanted children, but not just then. Even though she was 31 when ...Read more

She's a Three-Time Winner

Dear Cheryl: My first husband died, and I remarried a man who adopted my five children. He also died after we shared a wonderful marriage. I was very lonely after my children married, and I married for the third time to a wonderful, caring man.

The problem is this: What should my children call him? He's their stepdad, and I believe that, out ...Read more

How Much Is a Stay-at-Home Spouse Worth?

We recently heard from Melanie, a stay-at-home wife and mother for most of her 27-year marriage. One day, her husband, David, cut off her household allowance and told her to get a job.

It brought up the subject of what a stay-at-home spouse contributes to a marriage and what it's worth. Here's what you had to say:

ALANA: My mother worked on ...Read more

He Wanted to Supersize Her

There comes that moment in some relationships when you know it's love. And then, in some relationships, there comes the moment when you know it's over.

JESSIE: I knew it was over when my boyfriend said, "She'll have the supersize" when ordering my McDonald's meal on our way to Florida. He had previously always made me eat diet food and work out...Read more

She Called His Bluff: Part II

When Melanie's well-to-do husband, David, cut off her household allowance and wanted her to work at the only job she could get -- at a big-box store -- she began divorce proceedings. Three hours before they were scheduled to appear in court, David begged her to call off the divorce.

"He said he'd realized that he couldn't live without me and ...Read more

She Called His Bluff

Melanie says her husband, David, is a professional man and has always earned a good income. Melanie was basically a stay-at-home mom. But after the kids were "launched," David suggested she look for a job. She was 50 at the time, and David was 52. They'd been married for 27 years.

"I looked around a bit, but there wasn't anything suitable ...Read more

Why Men Should Do Their Own Laundry

For most of her 23-year marriage, Carrie supported the family while Matt "chased his dreams" and "ran around like a 15-year-old."

As he got older, he became distant and started criticizing everything she did and how she looked. He would call her names.

"He once said I was the fattest mom on the block. I figured he was going through a midlife...Read more

Used Wives Can't Be Discarded Like Used Tissues

Dear Cheryl: I should be celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, but four months ago, my husband Jack told me he wants to split.

We have three children. The youngest is in his senior year of high school. I've been a stay-at-home mom for the past 14 years, although I do work from home. All the money I make goes to the kids and ...Read more

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