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Single File: Scott's Words

Susan Dietz on

My son's thoughts have a deep influence on my life. His innate wisdom now reaches an audience beyond America -- through YouTube and private sessions -- and is increasingly valued as this world becomes more complex. Consider his words concluding my book "Single File."

"It is quite unusual for the son of an author to write the epilogue for a book, especially this kind of a book, but when that author (my mother) and I were talking recently, it became clear that I was in a unique position to offer comments, and that my epilogue might be a good way to cap this work. I've known her as mother and columnist, as single woman, single parent, and as friend, and I've seen the many stages that led to the completion of this book.

"From my close vantage point I see how she has lived this material before setting it down in print, how she has brought herself from feelings of helplessness and self-pity to the pride and self-affirmation that come from an inspired creative process. I've watched her grow as a person and as a parent, taking control of her life and developing self-determination while building a marriage. All of this enables her to be a much better mother, and our relationship has strengthened. I can affirm the value of the ideas embodied in this book because I've seen them put to the test and provide sure guidance to a life.

"But more than express admiration and appreciation for my mother's determination and faith in herself, and for the practical value of these exercises, I want to share some of my perceptions of the chapters you have read.

"Essentially, this is a book of empowerment. At every step the goal has been to offer those ideas and techniques that can bring greater understanding and self-fulfillment, so that single women in transition can take advantage of their singleness and exert greater control over their lives -- with growing confidence in the fullness of their inner resources.


"This book can be a valuable catalyst and support system, pointing the way toward a more satisfying life. I know better than anyone else that it was written with the conviction that each one of us can fulfill our dreams and our unique potential, as I know that my mother is striving to fulfill hers." -- Scott Deitz, San Francisco


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