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Single File: What? Me, Marry?

Susan Dietz on

-- How sure am I that this relationship will endure? oHHow do I feel about living together for a few months to test our compatibility?

-- Would I gladly go out in the middle of the night to get medicine for him?

-- How will I feel about him when sex between us loses its novelty? Disappointed or even more loving?

-- Am I quite sure this is my life partner?

Those questions don't come with a lifeline or studio response. Only you can wrestle them to the mat and come up with responses that satisfy your soul. Some might not apply right now, but that's fine. They're not meant to be one-size-fits-all. This is pick-and-choose time. The goal here is to jump-start the thinking and channel it in directions that make a difference in your life -- perhaps a significant one. My hunch is that when you start thinking along these lines, something quite startling occurs: All of a sudden, this person's packaging doesn't matter nearly as much as before.


AFTERTHOUGHT: Don't for one split second think this exercise is for marriage only! Its questions work for any relationship involving love and caring between adults. They're meant to tickle you into a mood of self-inquiry, to start a chain of queries about anything that pops into your head (and heart). In matters like this, it pays mightily to inject a dose of reality/rationality into this thing we call Love, and to balance its high jinks with responses that bubble up from deep within.


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