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Single File: Wondering

Susan Dietz on

Even if you yourself are snugly married, you probably have many single friends who love to pass along their tales of woe, stories of meeting and greeting the undead at bars, and contrived single minglings. The honest ones will admit being relieved when they go home alone, kicking off their shoes and dropping into a warm bed. Their lips are still twitching from forced smiles and unnaturally parched from hours of overtalking. Time and time again, they vow never to try again -- until the next barren Friday night creeps up. These days, discouraged but still unbowed, they are paying dating apps to do the preliminary matching for them. To married folk, it's kind of shocking and impersonal to turn your love life over to a third party charging hefty fees from both hopefuls. I sit smack in the middle between rapturous bliss often punctured by downcast sighs of rejection. What's all the fuss about this strange go-between, these dating apps? Why are they so popular? Why aren't people in the dating game finding love the usual ways -- through friends or family, or at work? Is there something wrong with singles these days?



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