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Millenial Life: The Wonder in Brief Moments of Caring

Cassie McClure on

She grimaced and continued. "I'm on a whole bunch of medicines right now, but they're not helping."

We both moved to the door. She said, "I'm even on an anti-nausea medicine, but I don't think it's helping." She rubbed her stomach.

"Irony isn't fun," I murmured as I held the door open. I turned to the left, and she turned to the right. "Take care," I said.

She called out, "Hey." I turned back.

"Thanks for the concern," she said.


I was taken aback and said, "Of course."

I couldn't help but ask about her suffering. She didn't expect anyone to ask. Back then, I wondered why even just a check-in with a stranger didn't seem commonplace. As we move through the distance we encounter in our divided nation, I wonder whether this distance hasn't already been established in our reality for many years. Perhaps we've taken the idea that we care about each other for granted.


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