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Individuals can access resources for their state.

Lastly, I encourage your readers to take some time to do research on the state in which they live. Many agencies offer state and federal grants that may offset a large portion, or cover all of the cost toward purchasing new hearing aids and other hearing assistance devices. States have their own agencies that offer grants, so by taking a little time to do a search online, you will find it well worth the effort. I hope this helps your readers in some small way. -- Deaf and Proud

Dear Deaf and Proud: Thank you for these helpful resources.

Dear Annie: I had a terrible marriage and acrimonious divorce. My husband was so angry and vindictive that he lost custody of the kids. Obviously, I'd like my next love to be better. When I date and men ask, I tell them that I'm happy to briefly discuss why I divorced, but that I like to live my life forward. The best revenge is to live happily-ever-after. -- Planning a Happy Future.


Dear Happy Future: The front windshield is a lot larger than the rearview mirror, and when we realize that, we are a lot happier in life. Onward and forward.


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