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Dear Annie: I would like to reply to "An Aging Adult Facing Reality." I, too, have profound hearing loss and have been wearing hearing aids since the age of 10. Since receiving my first set of hearing aids, the advancements in technology have been staggering.

My main frustration with hearing aids these days is that medical insurance rarely covers any of the costs associated with purchasing them. Insurance companies consider hearing aids to be a "personal choice" rather than a "quality of life choice," unfortunately.

Hearing aids are just as essential to quality of life as eyeglasses, braces, dentures, canes and so forth. Due to the lack of financial assistance on behalf of medical insurance, I would like to tell you of some organizations that help to offset the costs of purchasing hearing aids. It is my sincere hope that this information may help someone who is struggling to hear, who needs to purchase hearing aids and does not think they can afford them.

There are various Medicare Advantage Plans, and the AARP does offer some assistance toward the cost of purchasing a hearing aid. Unfortunately, you must be a member in order to have access to the financial help. If you do not qualify for either of those programs, please look into the following agencies and organizations for financial assistance toward purchasing hearing aids:

No. 1: The Starkey Hearing Foundation (Hear Now Program)

Toll-Free Voice: (800) 328-8602



Web Address:

No. 2: Lions Club International



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