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Dear Readers: In celebration of Valentine's Day, I asked you to share what you love most about your partners. And, boy, did you deliver! My inbox was overflowing with touching tributes. It's been such a pleasure sifting through the sweetness, and I'm thankful to each and every one of you who wrote. Below is just a small sampling of some wonderful letters that I received on this topic.

Dear Annie. The easiest question for me to answer is what I love about my husband, Tom. They say the devil is in the details, but I say true love is in the details. Many years ago, my husband bought me the DVD boxed set of the original "Planet of the Apes" movies. Missing was "Beneath the Planet of the Apes." An oversight? No. I had mentioned once that is the one I don't like, so he took it out. He buys me apples, but only Gala and Fuji, because that's what I like. He hollers, "Don't look at the TV!" if there's a spider or something creepy. I could go on and on. It's the details, the little things. He's given me fancy gifts over the years, but what I cherish most is that he listens and he remembers. -- Erma S.

Dear Annie: I have been with my partner, Joann, for 41 years. Although we broke up twice earlier on in our relationship, we have been living together for the past 24 years and are very happy, even as she's battled cancer these last three years. What I love most about her is that she helps me be the best version of myself. -- Bob K.

Dear Annie: My partner is my hero! There are so many things that I could tell you I love about him, but his generous spirit is definitely key. We met later in life, and only one year after we met, I developed HIV-associated dementia, which became very severe, very fast. By all rights, Chris should have left. My health devastated his life and destroyed us financially. But he stood by me, fought to get me the necessary medical care and helped me through the worst time of my life. And to this day, he has never once complained. It brings me to tears just writing this. I am so eternally grateful for that man, and it is a huge juxtaposition to my previous relationship experiences, which were pretty awful. I would give that man anything if I could, but being disabled, all I can give him is my love and care. Fortunately, he thinks that's the greatest gift he could have. -- Chase A.

Dear Annie: I knew I loved my husband the moment I met him when I was 19. His blue eyes melted my heart. I told him I was going to marry him then. We'll have been married 20 years this year. He works so hard for us, even though he has painful physical ailments that would send most people to the emergency room. He's my soulmate. -- Anita C.


Dear Annie: My husband and I met in college, almost 50 years ago. He played on the golf team. Twenty years ago, at the age of 49, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. It was a stunning blow. My wonder boy continues to play golf four or five times a week, though it is a struggle mentally and physically. The sense of humor that drew me to him is still there, and I'm constantly reminded why I married this sweet man, as I witness the grace, courage and positivity that he works so hard on. -- Phyllis K.


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