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Requesting Tests Before a Visit

Annie Lane on

Dear Annie: My adult daughter, who lives in a southern state with a notoriously high incidence of the coronavirus cases, informed us she would be bringing her boyfriend to our home when she visits us at Christmas. I've never met this gentleman and do not know his personal or social habits. My wife and I have been quite cautious in our physical distancing during this pandemic. Is it discourteous to ask my daughter's friend to take a COVID-19 test before he visits? -- Playing It Safe

Dear Playing It Safe: It's a reasonable request. But rather than unfairly singling out the boyfriend, all four of you should get tested in advance of the visit. This approach would not just be more courteous but more cautious. Call your doctor or check with your local health department to find testing locations near you.

Dear Annie: September is World Alzheimer's Month. More than 50 million people around the world live with dementia, and a new case is diagnosed every three seconds, according to the World Health Organization. I wanted to share some possible signs and symptoms of dementia, courtesy of the Alzheimer's Association.

--Memory loss becomes disruptive to normal life.

--Struggles with planning things and solving problems.

--Difficulty completing familiar tasks.


--Confusion with time or place.

--Trouble understanding spatial relationships or images.

--New problems with words.

--Misplacing things in unusual places.


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