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Dear Annie: Hoping you would consider printing these questions, since they have made a difference for someone in our family.

1. Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so but only lasted for a couple of days?

2. Do you wish people would mind their own business about your drinking -- stop telling you what to do?

3. Have you ever switched from one kind of drink to another in the hope that this would keep you from getting drunk?

4. Have you had to have an eye-opener upon awakening during the past year?

5. Do you envy people who can drink without getting into trouble?

6. Have you had problems connected with drinking during the past year?

7. Has your drinking caused trouble at home?

8. Do you ever try to get "extra" drinks at a party because you did not get enough?


9. Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking any time you want to, even though you keep getting drunk when you don't mean to?

10. Have you missed days of work or school because of drinking?

11. Do you have "blackouts"?

12. Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you did not drink?

Reprinted with permission from Alcoholics Anonymous -- AA Questions

Dear AA Questions: Hopefully these questions will prompt anyone who needs help to take that first step and attend a meeting. Thank you.


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