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Your Last Resort Might Be Someone's Only Resort

Annie Lane on

Dear Annie: Because of the pandemic, people have cleared the shelves of many food items, including flour and prepared foods. After those were wiped out, they started buying up gluten-free foods, leaving those with food allergies with limited products to buy.

They don't need that gluten-free flour, but they buy it anyway. My daughter has several food allergies, such as gluten, dairy, egg, tomatoes, bananas, garlic and pineapple, among others. Needless to say, her options for prepared foods are very limited.

When people without food allergies buy up the food she needs, she goes without.

They don't need that gluten-, dairy- and egg-free macaroni and cheese, but she does. She usually does most of her cooking from scratch, but it is nice once in a while to have something easy to make. Many food pantries and restaurants are giving away food right now, but she can't eat them, while other allergy-free people can.

Please, if you don't have food allergies, leave those products for people who do. -- Save the Gluten-Free

Dear Save the Gluten-Free: This is a great reminder for everyone to just take what they need when shopping. Hopefully, your message will make people think twice before they take specialty food that your daughter and others need. Also, you might try finding some products online.


Dear Annie: I have been a widow for 35 years. I'd like to share a fond memory of my loving husband. We had two small daughters who kept me on the run all day. He would arrive home and take them for a short drive around the neighborhood. This was a special treat for the girls.

For me, it was time for an uninterrupted bathroom break, or a quick cup of coffee, or to wash my face and put on a clean blouse. Such a small effort on his part, but our daughters benefited from "Daddy Time," and so did I.

I offer this as a suggestion to young husbands, that it's the little things you do that make a happy home and leave lasting memories. Or, just consider it a happy break from the monotony of being quarantined. -- Fond Memory

Dear Fond Memory: What a lovely memory. One-on-one time is so beneficial for both the parent and the child. The parent can really focus on the child and ultimately grow closer. It makes the child feel special and gives the other parent some alone time.


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