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Pandemic Activities That Make the Glass Half Full

Annie Lane on

Dear Annie: In the midst of all the negativity toward the coronavirus pandemic challenges, it is easy to look at the glass as being half empty. In some ways, however, the glass is half full. Here is a partial list:

In the South, where I live, the pandemic happened during excellent weather, encouraging people to get outside and exercise, and to do yardwork. There is less rush-hour traffic, lower gas prices and more time to spend with the immediate family -- maybe even away from the TV and video games.

This is also an opportunity to:

1. Clean out closets and drawers.

2. Hand-wash and detail your vehicle.

3. Try all those recipes you have been keeping and never had time to attempt


4. REALLY do spring-cleaning.

5. Plant a garden and grow your own vegetables (since you can't find them in the store anyway!).

6. Catch up with old friends/family via phone, email and snail mail.

7. Write notes to all those people you have wanted to thank personally over the years. (This is an especially isolating time for older people, so a note that you are thinking about them would mean a lot to them.)


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