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Wife Of Man With Parkinson's Wants To Start Dating Others

Abigail Van Buren on

DEAR WIFE: Yes, I do. Any drastic change in a spouse's behavior is cause for concern, and his sudden desire to separate his internet activity from yours is another red flag.

Stop keeping your feelings to yourself and speak up. He may be doing something on Sunday mornings besides going to church with his brother.

DEAR ABBY: I was convicted of a crime and did three years on a six-year sentence. My daughter was 2 when I was incarcerated. I was released last year and am currently on parole.

I tried contacting my ex-wife about seeing our daughter and being a part of her life, but I only made things worse. Now she's trying to hide my girl from me. I'm trying my best, but she refuses to put me on child support. What do I do? -- TROUBLED FATHER

DEAR TROUBLED: You may have to take your ex-wife to court. If you're able to afford it, seek advice from an attorney about your options.

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