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'I decided I would be with her every day': 15-year friendship leads to caregiving for woman with cerebral palsy

Sandra J. Pennecke, The Virginian-Pilot on

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At the bowling alley, Julia Prendergast carefully worked the joystick on her friend’s wheelchair, positioning her perpendicular to the lane.

She brushed a wisp of hair off Tyme Fiedorczyk’s face and adjusted her glasses. Tyme has cerebral palsy, which impairs her muscle coordination; to talk, she must type into an electronic device; to move freely, she must have support.

The bowling ball sat atop a ramp to her left, and she swiped at it. After several attempts, she hit it, sending it spiraling down the lane.

As the ball rolled, her fan club — friends from her adult day camp, gathered here at Pinboy’s — started cheering behind her:

“Tyme! Tyme! Tyme!”

As the ball spun closer to the pins, her friends waved their arms, yelling at the ball to move right.


“Pivot, pivot, pivot!”

Seven pins fell.

Julia smiled and leaned over her friend’s chair.

“Three pins left. You got it.”


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