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This couple fell for one another singing. Now they're celebrating their 70th anniversary

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They met in January 1949 at a Christmas-break party hosted by a man named Richard, a high school friend of hers. The friend invited a man whom Gloria Flister was dating, but instead of being pleased, she became upset.

"He was bringing fellows from the college he was in, and I wanted to meet the new guys," she said, laughing. "I was kind of nasty to the guy who was supposed to be my date, and he left because I was not being nice to him."

"I asked Ed if he would drive me home and he said he would," Gloria Skurzynski said.

That Valentine's Day, Mount Mercy College hosted a formal dance. Richard was going to attend with a friend of Flister's, and she had Richard ask Edward Skurzynski if he wanted to be his date for the dance.

Flister was taken with Edward Skurzynski when the big band at the dance began playing "Yours," a tune of the day.

"I started to sing and Ed started to sing," she said. "When I heard his voice, that was it for me. He has a magnificent voice."


Yours 'til the stars lose their glory.

Yours 'til the birds fail to sing.

Yours to the end of our life's story.

This pledge to you dear, I bring.


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