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Erika Ettin: Creative summer date ideas for every type of single

Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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In the dating world, the worst part of winter isn’t the cold weather or the lack of daylight hours (or, ahem, COVID-19). It’s the limited options for creative dates. Seriously, there’s only so many happy hours inside dark bars or dinners at the same restaurant that someone can take before losing their mind.

But with summer just around the corner, the world is a single person’s playground. From beaches and boardwalks to mountains and lakes, dates are a lot more exciting when you can switch it up from the same-old dinner and a movie. However, dates are not one size fits all.

Whether you’re a foodie who is always the first to try new restaurants in town or an adrenaline junkie looking for the next thrill, we’ve got plenty of ideas for your next date.

For the adventure seekers

For some, the excitement of a first date is enough. But for others, there’s always room to up the ante. If that sounds like you, a date like taking a walk along the beach might seem completely boring, even if it is with an interesting person.

To really jump-start that spark, you need an activity that will get hearts racing (in more ways than one, hopefully). Skip the cocktails and head right to something more exhilarating, like a day at the amusement park or even skydiving. Not only will it be a date that you never forget, but you’ll always have something to talk about. And if roller coasters and jumping out of planes aren’t exactly your speed (they’re not mine, for what it’s worth), I might suggest an escape room to show off your puzzle skills.


For the fitness-focused

If you’re someone who hates sitting still, turn your date into something both fun and active. After all, we know exercise goes hand in hand with endorphins, which makes it pretty difficult to have a “bad” date.

Rent bikes and go for a ride, find an outdoor yoga class, or suggest finding a place for rock climbing.

Summer is the perfect time to go on a hike, whether an old favorite or a new find — just don’t get lost! And if you’re looking for a little more competition when night falls, nothing beats a round of mini golf.


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