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Erika Ettin: The quick and dirty on the dating apps

Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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The apps require a profile, you ask? Most apps don’t force you to write something in the blank space (Hinge does), but that doesn’t mean you should leave it blank. If a written profile is a proxy for how much you care about the process, then not writing one implies that you’re not invested at all.

On the apps, short and sweet is the key to success.

Some ideas:

– A list of things you like

– A list of things you’re good at

– Favorite TV shows or quotes


– A few pieces of factual information, like where you’ve lived, hobbies, etc.

The quirkier and more unique, the better. 20 to 40 words is recommended. Why so short? Just like when you read a hardcopy newspaper, the important information should be “above the fold,” in the dating apps, you want the information to appear on someone’s screen without that person having to scroll down too far, or at all.


The best thing you can do is ask a question about the person’s profile. For example, if someone mentions that he/she likes wine, you could easily say something like this: “A fellow wine lover … a (wo)man after my own heart! Red or white for you?”


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