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If you're sick of Tinder, try new dating app Struck for astrology lovers and skeptics alike

Hannah Herrera Greenspan, Chicago Tribune on

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“We really want it to feel like a safe space for everyone,” she said. “And that’s not to say that straight people aren’t allowed on the app. We don’t want that to be the case. But we also don’t want to be afraid of really championing queer folks and making them feel safe and comfortable.”

The low number of daily potential matches contrasts with other dating apps, highlighting that more options for choices aren’t always better.

She said a lot of people, particularly women, report swiping on other dating apps “like a thousand times” and making a lot of matches, “but they’ll never talk to anyone. And I think a lot of that is due to the indecision of having all these options available. ...

“Our hypothesis was that if you’re only given four people per day, and you’re forced to select one of those people each day, not only will you have, like, a more intentional experience, not only will you spend more time putting effort into that message, but on the receiving end, you know that somebody picked you out of four, and that feels really great versus swiping right on everyone.”

Although the app is astrology focused, anyone and everyone is welcome, including skeptics, as long as they come in with respect and an open mind.


“My parents are chemistry professors, of all things,” Jane said, “and I am very aware that astrology is a spiritual science. The science that is very real in astrology is the astronomy, but the interpretations of the planets are very much a spiritual practice.

“However, if a skeptic does give me the time of day, I like to bring up the idea of synchronicity. ‘As above, so below’ — if the moon influences the tides and the crops, perhaps her rhythms impact us as well.”

For those looking to the planets for love, Jane says there are many theories when it comes to the best time for love, including during the second return of Jupiter (age 24) and when Venus is in Libra.

“From the thousands of readings I’ve done with clients,” she said, “I have come to the conclusion that there is no clear-cut answer. But I think that’s part of the magic and mystery of love, right?”

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