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Erika Ettin: If grandma gave dating advice

By Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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How does this apply to video dates? Just like in photos (and in person), people notice EVERYTHING - the mess in your living room, what you're wearing (at least on top), and your body language. So, if you're slumped on a couch (or a bed... big no no!) during the call, you may be perceived as lazy or unengaged. But, if you're at a table or at least sitting up straight on that same couch, it shows that you put some effort in and exude much more confidence. And confidence is sexy.

Now, this "expansive" rule doesn't overshadow all of the other photo advice I could give, including my five rules of thumb:

1. The main profile picture should be a clear headshot of yourself

2. Less is more

3. Be by yourself in the shot

4. Have one "interesting picture"


5. Be accurate

If you do follow this advice, but so does everyone else (I wish), then the more open posture may be just the thing that pushes you over the top. So, listen to Grandma and sit up straight ... and stretch it out. Because science says so.


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