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Erika Ettin: 7 quick tips for mastering the dating apps

Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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Whether you're new to the dating apps (hello, isolation dating) or it's old hat, it never hurts to refresh your knowledge when it comes to the dating apps with these seven quick tips:

1. Pictures, pictures, pictures... numbers matter

Some dating sites and apps allow too many pictures (I'm talking to you, Match), and some are more on the right track. My advice is to use a maximum of five pictures on any site -- less is more. People will swipe through all of them, find one they don't like, and then dismiss you because of it. Think that doesn't happen? I bet you've done it yourself. (The only exception is Hinge, which requires all six photos... though one or more can be a short video.)

2. Pictures, pictures, pictures – quality matters

At a minimum, you need to post 1) a clear shot of your face, 2) a full-body shot, and 3) an interesting picture to provide "message bait" for someone to know what to write to you. If you're blurry, too far away, or otherwise impossible to see, then don't expect a lot of positive results. As we all know, good pictures are the key to getting matches.

3. Pictures, pictures, pictures – content matters


No photos -- especially the first one -- should be with other people. In a world of instant decisions, no one will take the time to figure out which person you are in the photo. And if they do, they may like your friend more!

Also, no dogs that aren't yours (aka dogfishing); no babies that aren't yours (babyfishing?); no significant others that are yours (that's a half-joke); no pictures where we can't see your face. Basically, people want to see who they are going to meet. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. Profile

Yes, you need one. No, it shouldn't be very long. Short, sweet, and quirky is the name of the game. For the main section of Bumble, try to stay between 20 and 45 words.


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