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Erika Ettin: A date in the hand …

Erika Ettin, Tribune News Service on

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Below are three conversations I have had with clients, all with a similar theme:

Client 1 (Judy): "I joined two weeks ago, and only creeps and crazies have written to me!"

Erika: "That's annoying! But you're a great catch, so of course lots of people are interested in you."

Judy: "Yeah, but they're not the RIGHT people."

Erika: "Has anyone appropriate sent you a message at all?"

Judy: "One guy seemed interesting. We're actually trying to set up a date."



Erika: "Trevor, let me know how your three dates go this week. I'm excited to hear about them!"

Client 2 (Trevor): "I definitely will. Do you have any dates lined up for me for next week yet?"



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