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College jitters or cause for concern?

Carolyn Hax on

-- College Jitters again

Hm. Just sounds to me like social-media group-emoting.

Re: College Jitters:

Please let her be!

I am many decades past my leaving-for-college days, but I completely sympathize with the college kid. She can have her own jitters and her own complicated feelings about starting college -- excited but also sad, wanting to experience adulthood but being scared -- in whatever "amounts" are right for her.

Just because us old people only remember college as wonderful doesn't mean it isn't perfectly within a normal range for 18-year-olds to be really upset about starting this next big chapter of their lives. I also remember not wanting to get out of bed for days after I graduated from college, so maybe that is coloring this -- change is hard even when it's supposed to be good change.

-- Anonymous

Old person here. I remember college as wonderful -- but also white-knuckle-terrifying at times. I thought that mixed experience was more the norm.

But, like I said, getting through the white-knuckle parts is (to use the wording du jour) a feature, not a bug. Thanks.

Re: College Jitters:

Is there an orientation event at the college? I met several new friends at my orientation. Together, we made all kinds of new, fun memories of the unfamiliar places we explored together.

-- Oriented

It's probably too late in this case, but I can't recommend these enough, thanks. Especially since a new student using the resources the school provides gets worried family members out of it.

Watch for symptoms of crisis, yes, but otherwise let her manage the bumps.


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