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Was moving while pregnant a big mistake?

Carolyn Hax on

Re: Stressful:

They say the stressful life changes are marriage, death, divorce, babies, moving, buying a house, and starting a new job. You have a few of those. And hormones. You are possibly isolated and alone because you are in a new place. Do you know anyone nearby to connect with? Can you find a new moms' group? When I had had my first kid, I felt isolated -- and I had lived in that city for quite some time. I had no friends with kids. I presume you have limited time and energy to socialize between work and being pregnant, but try, at least, to make the best of it, and make an informed decision after having more data.

-- Been There

Re: Moving:

Five years after I bought at the top of the market, I got a job on the opposite coast and the market tanked, so my home was unsellable without a massive loss. I found a manager, rented it out, and it has been great to have the income and the tax deduction. There is nothing that can't be survived.

-- Anonymous


"Surmounted," let's say, and thanks.


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