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Teen son verbally attacked for exploring communism on social media

Carolyn Hax on

If they agree, then find a way to get them together (in your home if possible, on video-chat if not) in a more hospitable way.

Dear Carolyn:

I am on overload with all the drama in the political landscape. I don't want to hear it, but then I don't want to be ill-informed -- or worse, complacent by not paying attention. How to balance?

-- News Fatigued

You and me both.

Set limits -- x minutes per day, then no more; or take a news vacation every weekend; or [your dosage here]; or identify the most distressing sources and cut them out, and rely on a trusted few. Among TV, radio, print, social media, left-leaning, right-leaning, centrist, American, foreign, long-form, data-driven, fact-checking, satire/comedy, etc., there are enough delivery systems to give us a lot of control over our news feeds. I beg only, of not just you but everyone, to stick to news reported from more than one source, verifiably, and avoid the intellectual laziness of bias-confirmation -- as a matter of public health.

Re: News fatigue:

Also: Do NOT read the news within an hour of bedtime. Allow yourself to decompress from the day.

-- Anonymous



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