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Boyfriend is Being Excluded by Parents

Carolyn Hax on

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Dear Carolyn:

My parents make a strong, overt distinction between married and non-married significant others, meaning the former are included in absolutely everything, appropriate or not, and the latter are routinely excluded from things that are family-only.

For instance, my sister's husband was invited to (and attended) my otherwise all-women baby shower, while my boyfriend, now the father of my child, was not invited to our annual holiday vacation. Mom's argument is that being treated like family is one of the benefits/incentives of legal marriage. (I would like to get married, but realize it's not right for my boyfriend and me at this time.)

I declined to go with them, but now I'm seething at being forced to make that choice. I'm trying to see things Mom's way. What are your thoughts?

-- Maryland


Mom sounds bullheaded and arbitrary, and from an outsider's distance I dig the irony of a "pro-family" move that splinters a family.

But since my opinion counts for nothing here, and since dwelling on the rightness or wrongness of Mom's policy hasn't gotten you anywhere (nor is it likely to), your better bet for pondering is your situation.

Are you doing all you can to serve your child, your sense of what's right, and the health of your relationship? If not, then answer your Mom agitation by focusing on what your own family needs -- not by your mom's standards, but by yours. And if you feel you are meeting those needs already, then use that as an internal rebuttal to your mother, and keep reminding yourself that you've got the right priorities for your circumstances.

It sounds as if your mom believes that priorities are independent of circumstances, and that's just a different worldview from yours, one she's entitled to just as you are to yours.


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