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Ask Amy: Witness to unsafe daycare wonders what to do

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My family has lived in the same neighborhood for 25 years. We’ve never had any issues – until now.

Our next-door neighbor, who has been here for four years, has decided to start a daycare in her home. (She has told us that she has a history of suing ex-employers and friends.)

The problem is that she doesn't supervise the children when they are outside. They are in the street, in our front yard, in other neighbors’ front yards, in our driveways, etc.

I can live with that.

What I can't live with is when they are in the backyard, they harass our two dogs. These kids shoot Nerf bullets at them, poke sticks through the fence, stand close to the fence and yell at and tease them by putting their hands through the fence, etc.

I have asked her to please watch them when they are in the backyard, but she doesn't.


We recently installed a windscreen (for baseball fields) along the fence, but the kids still find ways to torment our dogs.

The dogs are 90 percent in the house, but when the kids are outside screaming, the dogs hear them and go out through the dog door to investigate.

I work remotely from home (thankfully) so when I see the children outside, I make my dogs stay inside. It is very annoying.

I have documented each time there is an issue and even recorded the kids bothering our dogs. We are now installing a camera system.


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