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Ask Amy: Long-ago infidelity leads to bizarre twist

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I was married in 1990. My wife and I had a daughter together.

In 1999 I found out my wife was cheating, and so I ended the marriage. We had been together for 10 years. Our daughter was 5 years old when we split.

Now – all these years later, my daughter called and said that she wants to “meet her brother.”

I was shocked and said, “What?!”

“Yeah,” she said, “Mom told me that you have a son with a woman.”

Um, 100 percent not true.


I started to think about it and I'm pretty sure that my ex told our daughter this so that I would look like the bad person that caused our divorce.

I want to ask my ex why she did this, and tell her that she needs to talk to our daughter and tell her the truth, or I will.

My relationship with my daughter was great, and then it started to change.

It occurs to me that this is probably the reason why.


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