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Ask Amy: Wonderful guy might not be a good match

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I've been dating a man for seven months. He is absolutely wonderful. We are even talking about marriage, except that we don't see eye-to-eye on politics. This was made even more apparent with the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs case.

We resolved to adopt a “we have different viewpoints, but we support” rule.

Yesterday, I hesitantly asked the question: “Are you vaccinated against COVID?”

I was almost scared to hear his answer because I knew what it would be, and sure enough – he has not been vaccinated.

It is entirely my fault for not having this conversation earlier in the relationship, because I have lupus and am taking several immunosuppressive medications.

With the newest COVID variant being so contagious I am very worried that he will end up catching the virus, and then I would catch it because we spend so much time together.


When I asked if he would get vaccinated for me, he said “No,” and gave me a long list of political reasons why.

How do I explain how important this is to my health?

I have five kids (all under the age of 18) from my previous marriage.

With my health issues, I already worry about leaving my children behind too soon, should the worst happen.


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