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Ask Amy: Young dater worries about ‘love bombs’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

It is important that you always remain true to your most authentic self – but it can be hard to locate that anchor when you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of an attraction.

I’m happy to report that a compliment is not necessarily the first grenade in a love-bombing campaign.

When I was your age, I countered every compliment with a self-deprecating denial, until a friend responded: “Amy. Just say ‘Thank you.’”

“Thank you” is the only response required. After that, you should remain in the space with an open attitude to see what happens next.

Because you are entering this phase of life as a skeptic, a “love bomb” will feel completely fake, inauthentic, premature and manipulative.

You will know it when it is lobbed in your direction.


Dear Amy: I used to be on Facebook. I never posted much. I'm a private person and always felt anxious if I did post anything.

But my husband loves it and I swear he lives for it.

A little over a year ago, we lost our son.

I wrote a poem about this and texted it to my husband so he could see it.


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