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Ask Amy: RV trip could be a heroes’ journey

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I'm a 66-year-old gay man. I’ve been seeing “Dave,” who's 64, for about six months.

So far, this is “just friends.” Our relationship is platonic.

Dave has met my sisters and friends and they think he is wonderful. So do I!

He broke up with "Michael" just before I met him. He hasn’t been seeing anyone else in any capacity for the last two months.

Dave and I are going RV-ing in a few weeks. The anticipation is killing me. During the trip, I’ll be meeting his 90-year-old mom.

I've been single for many years. My last ex was my best friend, who died four years ago.


I continue to see other men for casual sex. "Dave" knows, and said: "Be who you are, don’t change.”

We've talked about monogamy (we both were monogamous in our past relationships).

My fear is that I can't be monogamous, even though I 1,000 percent want to.

I feel like a 16-year-old in my infatuation and love, erring now on the side of friendship.


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