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Ask Amy: Youth group texts bug elder

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

In order to avoid that, my wife and I have decided that we’ll attend the ceremony and leave before the reception.

My question is: How do we RSVP in this situation?

We’re not attending the reception and I don’t want them to waste money buying us a dinner we won’t be there to eat.

It may even open up a couple more spaces at the reception for friends with whom the couple is better acquainted.


– Elder Brother


Dear Elder: You state that you are not close to this brother, but only because of the age gap between you. And now this family member has invited you to celebrate an important milestone in his life.

The way to get close – or closer – is to show up for him, to become acquainted with his wife and her family, and to meet their friends.

You don’t seem to want to do any of this, however, and so you should respond: “My wife and I will be at the ceremony, but unfortunately we will have to leave before the reception. We hope you have a great time, and wish you all the very best for a wonderful celebration.”

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