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Ask Amy: Youth group texts bug elder

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Fed Up: Given that this is the way they notify the group about meetings, it seems prudent for you to receive texts from the youth leaders. You might want to hand your phone to your daughter for a period of time so she can participate in these conversations – or at least to confirm that she has received the message.

(Personally, I would also have a (limited) interest in what these kids were talking about – but I take it as a given that you don’t.)

You have many options. You could “block” the originating phone number (and you would not receive any calls or texts from the number).

It is very easy to turn off notifications altogether (the texts will arrive, but your phone won’t ping or vibrate); you can also “mute” texts from a specific phone number.

You could also receive the first text, take in the information, and then “leave the conversation” by clicking on that option.

Ways to perform these functions vary based on the kind of phone you use. Use an internet search to see how to reset the notifications on your specific phone.


Dear Amy: My wife and I were invited to my youngest brother’s wedding.

Due to a major age difference between us, we’ve never been close.

There’s no animosity or issues, we’re just borderline strangers to one another (I don’t even have his phone number).

If we decline the invite, my father will be extremely upset.


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