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Ask Amy: Woman’s sexuality becomes factor in breakup

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You will then have to deal with his reaction to your disclosure (he may already suspect that you are attracted to women).

I know of many instances where, relatively late in life, people choose to reconfigure their family system to accommodate less-traditional structures and situations.

There is no requirement that your partner should leave your family system – unless he wants to.

I hope you will find a way to sincerely convey your desire to remain in a loving relationship with him so that he can remain an important member of the family he has been a part of for the past two decades.

Dear Amy: I have planned a big party for my husband’s landmark birthday in two months.

This is going to be a sit-down dinner. We invited 80 family members and close friends. About half the guest list is family. The rest are friends.


I have had at least four people inform me that they will be bringing additional people, who they believed we would enjoy seeing.

My husband has also had two friends ask if they could bring one of their adult children and possibly their kids’ spouses.

He told them he would talk to me and get back to them.

We are so fortunate to have so many friends that want to share this celebration with us, but we had to draw a line, as we are not rich and also the venue has a limit of 85. We will be paying for this event.


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