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Ask Amy: ‘Best of’ column gets to the meat of the matter

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Do not put your son or his fiancée in the middle of this. Tell her parents that you hope they would be able to join you on Thanksgiving Day for a vegan dessert. If they refuse the invitation, say you'd enjoy hosting them another time.

Be friendly and maintain a cheerful attitude of understanding, but do not let them control you. [October 2012]

Dear Amy: “Meat Lovers” wrote to you, concerned about their future in-laws, who are vegans who refused to attend a Thanksgiving feast if there is any meat served with the meal.

I suggest they ask these in-laws, “Do you wear leather shoes?” If so, then they are using animal products.

– Tired of Demands.

Dear Tired: The vegans I know do not wear leather.


Regardless, it is not up to these “Meat Lovers” to challenge their in-laws’ lifestyle. All they need to do is be clear about what they are willing and able to serve for their feast. The rest is up to the guests. [November 2012]


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