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Ask Amy: ‘Best of’ column gets to the meat of the matter

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

If you insist (to yourself) that these polemics are hilarious, you might be able to enjoy them – along with a nice juicy steak and a glass of merlot. [April 2012]

Dear Amy: I was offended by your response to “Offended Omnivore.” Granted, her rantings were obnoxious, but your suggestion that she treat these statements as “vegetarian comedy” was obnoxious, too.

And your suggestion that she enjoy this along with a “juicy steak” was offensive.

– Also Offended

Dear Offended: I was reacting to the reality that even a vegetarian can be a jerk. [May 2012]

Dear Amy: I’m not sure if I agree with your advice to “Offended” to treat her friend’s abrasive vegetarian comments as comedy.


I suggest she turn the words around and ask her friend how she would feel if her friends pushed pro-carnivore details at her.

I have been vegetarian since June 1973. I don’t tell others how to eat because I don’t want them to tell me how to eat. – Ms. Jay

Dear Ms. Jay: This solution is easy to swallow. Thank you. [May 2012]

Dear Amy: My son recently became engaged to a girl whose parents are vegans (although she isn't).


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