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Ask Amy: ‘Best of’ column blames it on the name

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Dear Readers: Every year I step away from my column for two weeks to work on other creative projects. (Anyone interested in my personal essays and photographs can subscribe to my free newsletter:

I hope you enjoy these “Best Of” columns from 10 years ago. Today’s topic is: “What’s in a name?”

Dear Amy: I decided not to change my name when I recently married.

It's ridiculous that I am expected to jump through bureaucratic hoops to change my name and identity.

It hasn't been an issue between my husband and me. I realize this position is not mainstream.

My decision was based on my career and not wanting to damage the brand I had created in my niche industry.


Much to my surprise, all of the men in my office (I work with only men) are doing everything possible to sabotage my decision. They introduce me in meetings with my "new" name and even went to the point of getting IT to change my email address and sending it out to all our contacts.

As I was changing my email address back to my maiden name, I got a lecture from the IT guy who informed me he would never marry someone like me.

Despite this, my office mates continue to address all of my correspondence and introduce me to clients and new employees using my husband's name. I've informed them multiple times that I'm not changing my name, but they are "concerned" it is insulting to my husband.

– Shocked


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