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Ask Amy: ‘Best of’ column discusses monster in-laws

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I had a similar problem of a boundary-crossing mother-in-law, which almost cost me my marriage until, in counseling, my husband realized that his mother was his problem to deal with, not mine.

Once he took care of business, our marriage became more unified and loving.

– Been There

Dear Been There: I agree that the burden for creating boundaries falls mainly to the offspring. Couples do best when they create a united front. [August 2012]

Dear Amy: “Angry” brought back so many memories. My mother-in-law was an overbearing meddler, too, with a bad reputation in town. Your advice was good, Amy, but this couple should do what we did – move 1,000 miles away.

– Peaceful


Dear Peaceful: This seems like the “nuclear option,” but I’m glad it worked for you. [August 2012]

DEAR AMY: I was amused by the letter from a pregnant woman whose mother-in-law was insisting on calling her baby “Skipper,” regardless of the child’s actual name.

I would have said, “Great. And we’ll teach him to call you Gilligan.” End of discussion.

– Suggestive Reader


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