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Ask Amy: Upset MIL might not foot wedding bill

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My daughter became engaged last week.

We are thrilled and like “Steve” a lot.

She said, “Steve wants a traditional Catholic wedding. His family also wants alcohol served.”

We are a Christian family and attend church every Sunday (which Steve has attended with us).

Steve and his family do not attend Mass regularly.

I blurted out, “That can’t happen.”


She said she has no preference, and always thought she would have an outdoor wedding.

Her father died a few years ago, and I have no expectation they would get married in our church, but I am totally against it in a Catholic church.

Also, in our close and conservative family, we do not drink alcohol.

We have been to many Catholic weddings, and my daughter has always called them “too ritualistic.”


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