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Ask Amy: Teen struggles with besting her ‘bestie’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My best friend, “Maria,” and I are both 14 years old.

Recently, Maria revealed to me that a tendency of mine annoys her.

She and I have very similar interests, and so we try out for similar things in school.

Maria has been practicing the whole year to try out for the hockey team.

I also plan on trying out for the team, with no experience, really just because it looks fun.

Every time the subject of tryouts came up, Maria would give other friends a look, and then look back at me. This obviously bothers her.


After a couple of weeks dealing with this, I asked her about it, and she explained that she found it annoying that everything she does, I do, and I usually come out on top.

She mentioned volleyball tryouts, where I made the team, and she didn't. Then she moved on to the subject of boys, where one guy she liked started talking to me and never talked to her again. (Also, student elections, which we both plan on running for next year.)

She further explained that although none of that is technically my fault in any way, it annoys her when I talk about them.

Now I don't know what I can talk about with her.


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