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Ask Amy: Long-term grudge earns a penalty for 'holding'

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am 50 years old. When I was 15 my father had an affair and left. My mother and I struggled for several years.

When I was 17, he had a child with another woman. My father and his new family lived within 30 minutes of us, however, I rarely saw him.

At one point when my children were teens, he apologized for not being in their lives, with the excuse that he was also raising a child.

I have a better relationship with the local grocery store clerk than I do with my father and my half-sister.

About eight months ago, I wrote him a heartfelt letter letting him know how I have felt for the past 35 years about the entire situation: leaving his family, excluding me from his new family, and not being around to see my kids grow up.

His response was “I am sorry you feel that way.”


I have since sent him messages on Facebook for holidays, but that is it.

My issue is that he still won’t take responsibility for what he did to peoples’ lives. His comment of, “I am sorry you feel that way” has me holding a bigger grudge now than before.

Any advice?

– Son Holding a Grudge


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