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Ask Amy: Picking up the tab is wearing thin

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Right now, he is locked up, charged with assault with a deadly weapon (not a gun).

I know this is my chance to leave. But my heart won't reason with my mind.

How do I give up on someone I care about?

– Love Sucks in Indiana

Dear Indiana: You don’t have to give up on someone you care about.

However, you shouldn’t be married to, living with, or physically near someone who puts your own health and safety at risk.

Care about him – from a distance.

I hope you will put your own well-being at the forefront of your life.

Please find a sensible friend, family member, or counselor to talk to. You are a part of his problem, and you need to let go.


Dear Amy: As the parent of transgender and non-binary young adults, I have become very aware of how often (and needlessly) we use gendered language.

The adorable word “nibling” gets us past the awkward "nieces and nephews" quite well and I'm going to start using it for the 17 (soon to be 18) humans in my family!

– Sopranospinner

Dear Sopranospinner: I like it, too.


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